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Lining private pockets doesn’t fill potholes

Commentary by Rosaire L’Italien which appeared in The Daily Gleaner Is it just me, or is everyone in New Brunswick upset about our road conditions? Just this morning I hit a pothole so big I worried my car’s engine was going to fall out. We can all agree that roads are bad. But the question [...]

New poll shows the NDP’s support jumps by five points.  

  “This is very encouraging and confirms what we already know, that there is a real hunger among New Brunswickers for change,” said NB NDP Interim leader Rosaire L’Italien “we are currently rebuilding and while it is still early, we have seen a big increase in people signing up and getting involved.”   The NDP [...]

NB NDP Statement on International Women’s Day

We Can’t Stop Fighting For Women’s Rights! Thank you to all the individuals and organisations who are working every day to address gender inequality and create a better world for women and trans people. We stand with you. The NDP was the first political party in New Brunswick to get a woman leader elected to [...]

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